Meet Miss. Chevious, our winter intern!

Last year, a Georgia court issued a judicial order banning Elf Scouts (read the official order here). Though the North Pole legal department is currently in litigation to reverse the order, Miss. Chevious and her fellow Elf Scouts assigned to that county have been relocated to businesses across the world based on their interests.

Miss. Chevious’ Headshot

Since beginning her career, she has worked in a number of different roles at the North Pole. She started as a Holiday Cheer elf, focused on decorating the homes of less fortunate families in the Eastern European portion of the world. Then, she moved in a toy making position before earning her spot as a coveted Scout Elf. Regardless, her passion has always been family legacies. She said her favorite part of scouting is visiting several generations of families during the holiday season.

Since she is so passionate families, Santa granted her leave this December to learn more about what we do and help us out.

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