It’s Estate Planning Week! We are celebrating by holding an Estate Planning workshop on October 17th at 10am to 12pm here in the Hilliard office to work with parents and their college students. We are located at 3956 Brown Park Drive in Suite B.

It’s more crucial now than ever before that your student has certain legal documents in place in order to protect himself in much-too-common dire situations that occur every day to our young ones away at university. Just because you may be footing the bill does not mean your student is protected. The requirement of such legal documents is even increasing in universities as college administrations become daunted by their incoming students fresh adult-status under the law. With parents’ limited power to make decisions on their college-aged children’s behalf, universities feel the need to set an additional safeguard in place.

Parents have little hope to retain some say in their child’s affairs once the age of eighteen hits. While a parent may be appointed guardian or gain conservatorship through the court, such processes require an exhaustion of resources. The most efficient, and inexpensive method, are drafting documents such as a Healthcare Power of Attorney to appoint a representative or agent to make healthcare decisions should one become unable to do so, a HIPAA Authorization Form to permit medical facilities to release information pertaining to one’s medical data to a specific individual, and a Durable Power of Attorney to authorize someone to make financial decisions on another’s behalf.

We have LIMITED SEATING- ONLY SIX SLOTS AVAILABLE! Click here to reserve your slot today! Expect the unexpected and implement the necessary safeguards to protect your children while they are away at college or studying abroad!