Fifteen Years of McClenaghan Law Group!

Fifteen years ago, Charles McClenaghan (our fearless leader) took a leap of faith and started a firm that you may have known as The Law Offices of Charles H. McClenaghan. At the time, he was a solo-practitioner and made everything happen without the support of a dedicated staff. Over the years, the firm has seen many changes! When McClenaghan Law Group started, Charles was operating out of an office in Dublin. A few years later, he made the move to our current location in Hilliard. After the move, he started the painstaking process of personally curating the team of legal professionals that you will meet if you visit our office today.

You might be wondering where the rest of the McClenaghan Law Group was in 2007.

Take a moment to enjoy the photos we’ve included below!

Perhaps the most important member of the team, our namesake!

Attorney Charles H. McClenaghan used this exact headshot for his first website, back when MLG was still The Law Offices of Charles H. McClenaghan.

Since this picture was taken, he’s grown a beard and we’ve not seen him clean shaven since! Does anyone else think he looks a bit like Tim Allen here?

“When you choose a law career, the moment you embark, there is that joke you’re bound to hear ‘a lawyer is a shark.’ ” – Professor Callaghan, Legally Blonde the Musical

Attorney Phillip Haer may have been a shark in 2007, but he was more of a pool shark than a law shark! While Charles was starting MLG, Phillip was shooting pool and working hard to get a good sophomore GPA at the Ohio State University.

Don’t worry, he improved his technique, got that GPA, and now has many years of experience as both a pool and law shark.

Our Paralegal, Courtney, was just being introduced to the law in 2007 when her third grade class learned about the legal system through a Fairytale Mock Trial unit.

She was just a witness in the mock trial, but it got her thinking about what a future in law might look like. At the time, she hadn’t yet decided if she’d like to be a lawyer or a veterinarian. We are glad she had a few more years before she had to make a decision!

Our Administrative Assistant, Bella, was enjoying her childhood in 2007! Bella (blue) was in the second grade and enjoyed helping her little brother (red) who started Kindergarten that same year. Despite the fifteen years that have passed, she assures us that she is still helping him find the right rooms and open his applesauce.

In the second grade, Bella wanted to be a ballerina and never imagined that she would end up working in a law firm! At some point during the last fifteen years, she put up her ballet slippers and went to paralegal school instead.

What were you up to fifteen years ago? Head to our Facebook page and drop a photo of you in 2007!