Parents with a new baby have lots of new responsibilities including always being able to provide a home for their children and making sure their needs are met. These new responsibilities also include having a plan for who you would want to care for your children in the event of your death.  Creating a will is a simple and part of that plan. This is not an easy situation to consider, but by creating a will and choosing a guardian, you know your children will be raised and cared for by someone you trust to help shape your child’s life.

In your will you can designate a person, called a guardian, to care for your children if you die before they become 18 years of age. If you and your partner both die without a will, the state courts and social services department will appoint someone to raise your children. That person may have very different ideas about parenting than you do. If you die without a will, there’s no guarantee that your money will go to the people you want or that your children will be cared for by the person you believe will do the best job.

Below are some questions parents should consider when choosing a personal guardian:

  • Does the prospective guardian share your moral beliefs?

  • Does the prospective guardian have a sincere concern for your children’s welfare?

  • Does he or she have the time?

  • If you do not have enough assets to raise the children, can your prospective guardian afford to raise them up?

If you have a child under the age of 18, making a will and appointing a guardian will ensure your child will be raised the way you want them to be. Call us at (614) 429-1053 to learn more about how you can protect your children in the event of your death.

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